Posted by: chlost | March 12, 2012

Stand up!

Image via Wikipedia, by Sabrina Campagna

“Men are involved in 100% of all pregnancies.”

So why aren’t more men invested in the current outrage discussion regarding access to contraceptives? Not the fake media outrage spewed by that big fat radio guy (I can’t bring myself to type his name-I don’t want to sully my site). Why is this a “women’s rights” issue?

An excellent point, made in a very well-written article that I just finished reading, written by Glenn W. Smith and James Moore. May I just say, “Bravo! gentlemen.”

This is a fight that goes back to the 1960’s, when oral contraceptives first became routinely available. Unfortunately, because pregnancy is a condition which occurs in (or perhaps to) women, men somehow feel that it is not their issue. Additionally, the contraceptives currently available (with the exception of condoms) are all focused on the female side of the sexual equation.

From what I can gather, the so-called family values folks feel that nonmarried women who become pregnant should be left to their own devices. Not to mention their children. In their world, “family values” does not include the male’s responsibility for that family.The term as used by some does not value the family in any way. The denigration of the women in a relationship is not a family value in my book. Neither is the exclusion of the men in this discussion.

So why aren’t men stepping up? Why aren’t men speaking out to support the women in their lives, the women with whom they are having sex, with whom they are making babies, upon whom they rely for almost all contraception?

I have my own theory:

Most men (I acknowledge the few who are not in this category….but there are damn few) are still living in a fantasy world. They believe that they can play with no consequences, no responsibilities, and someone else-be it mommy, wifey, girlfriend, friend with benefits-will take care of everything for them.

And to all of my young women friends: you are enabling this. We as women are not demanding that the men in our lives stand with us. We do not make our expectations clear.

This is not a women’s issue.

Safe, available, effective contraceptives and reproductive health care are not negotiable.

The men who want to be with us need to stand with us.

Out loud. Out front. Stand up and be men-Our men!



  1. Wonderful post that I totally agree with. Well done.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more or say it better!!!!

    • Thanks Kay. I still don’t hear the roar.

  3. I think the Old White Men in power are afraid of losing control. Well, guess what? It’s about time they did! The rest of us old white men need to tell them it’s not okay anymore. The Old White Men are no longer a majority and their efforts to control women’s reproductive organs is an obscenity. Their Dark Ages mentality is no longer acceptable.

    • Yes, those guys have had things good for a long time-no reason to give that up. Why would they as long as they are allowed to? Appreciate the support of guys like you!!

  4. It’s insane that so many men are standing by silently on this one.

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