Posted by: chlost | February 14, 2013

Thirty-some Valentine’s Days later……..


1910 Valeninte Image from Wikipedia

Well, we have been married for over thirty years, so I suppose that I shouldn’t be disappointed if things are not particularly romantic in the traditional manner. But I am. Just a little bit.

Last night Merle brought home a bouquet of (gas station) flowers. This morning he had tucked a card into my purse before he left for work. Nice, I know. But romantic? Ehhh.

The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was several years ago. We had moved into our home in January. In all of the moving chaos, we failed to realize that the previous owners had not provided remote controls for the garage door openers. We were reduced to getting out of the car and going into the garage to push the button there to open the door. Pretty much defeated the purpose of an automatic garage door opener-especially in January.

We tend to procrastinate. We continued to use the doors this way during the crazy time of settling into the new house.

On Valentine’s Day morning, when I got into my car (after opening the overhead garage door) I found a new remote control with a red ribbon on it. A Valentine’s Day gift from Merle.

The best ever.

It wasn’t expensive. It wasn’t fancy. It was totally practical.

But it was romantic. He did something especially for me. He had to work to find the thing, make sure it worked, and put it out there as a surprise.

Now THAT shows someone you are special to them.

But that one has had to get us through the other 30+ Valentine’s Days. You can’t make the big gesture every year.

Love you, Honey!



  1. Awwww. Now a garage door opener is, definitely, my kind of romantic.

    I adore your opening image. Seems I might have found my place in 1910.

  2. We are men after all. You just can’t expect us to have a regular flow of brilliant ideas. Just REMEMBERING Valentines Day is cause to celebrate!
    On another note, you might appreciate this,

  3. I’m with Jono. I cannot remember the last time mine even remembered. Yours did. Celebrate!

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