Posted by: chlost | April 27, 2011

Today, my lucky number is four

Four years ago today, I became a grandmother.

At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure if I liked the idea of being a grandmother. It all happened very quickly, and I hadn’t had much time to adjust. My 22  year-old son had dated a young woman for only a few months before his announcement that they were expecting. I work in the court system, in child protection, child support, paternity and custody. I know what can happen. I know how it can go for fathers. I have seen the grandparents left in the dust.

But I have to say, I loved this child from the moment I heard of her existence. There was just something special about her. I would have supported my son in any decision he made, but I hoped that they would make a family together and that he would be an important part of his child’s life. I wanted to be an important part of her life.

There was, I admit, a bit of family pressure on him to marry before the baby was born. That’s just the way we did things in this situation back in the day. However, sensible young man that he is, he did not want his child or his wife to feel that he proposed solely because of the baby. So, they lived together for  a few months, and then married when the baby was four months old. Their marriage was a beginning of a family. He carried this baby daughter down the aisle so that they would become their family.

This little girl is a wonder. A delight. Full of love, curiosity, adventure and intelligence. She knows almost everything there is to know about owls. She can tell you two different calls of a black-capped chickadee, she loves horses and dogs. She is a loving (for the most part) big sister. She loves to read and to build with her blocks, to watch cooking shows, and to sing songs. She is kind to her friends at preschool. She draws and  paints and loves bright colors. Her big blue eyes will undoubtedly be used to her advantage as she grows older.

She is named for a writer-again for her privacy I won’t say whom. But as I said about her sister, there will not be many with her name in her kindergarten class.

Four years old today!

Being Four is a really big deal, in case you have forgotten. We are hoping to have a big birthday party on Saturday to celebrate this occasion. The only possible complication may be that her baby sister could decide to make her appearance on that day.

I don’t know if she would appreciate receiving a baby sister instead of having her party, but we will all sing happy birthday to her no matter what happens.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!



  1. She is lovely — as all grandchildren are!!!!

  2. What a sweetheart: and what treasure she has brought into your life. Sending best wishes for a happy day:)

  3. What a cutie she is and love that look she gave the camera. Happy Birthday little one.

  4. She is a beautiful young lady. It was wonderful to read your comments about her, the love comes shining through. Clearly you did a good job with your son – he may have made a misstep, but he did the right things to rectify. By this I mean, NOT jumping into a decision, but taking time.

  5. Beautiful child. Happy gramma. Best of all worlds.

  6. What a cutie! Four is a great age! Even though I make fun of it all the time, I really am looking forward to being a grandparent….someday soon…..but my older kids seem to be in no hurry…. 🙂

  7. One of the fun things for us as grandparents is seeing the little cousins get together and interacting. The 4 and 5 year old boys love to get together and play “wrestle-fight”. Too funny.

  8. Catching up. Four is a big deal, of course. I kind of hope the baby picks any day other than the party day!

  9. WHat a beautiful — and lucky! — girl.


  10. Congratulations to every last one of you–and what a lovely tribute. I have to admit to hoping she’s named Flannery, as I entertained that name for years…but then we went with something different when the time came. Anyhow, she sounds delightful!

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