Posted by: chlost | June 13, 2012


A blank.

That has been my mind lately.

Every time I try to think of something to post, I come up with—-nothing.

So here goes nothing…………………………………….



Just think, it was much easier to read this than anyone else’s blog postings today.

And I have given you all that I’ve got.

Maybe tomorrow my mind will be filled with something. Hopefully, something that I can write about here.

Believe me, I’m hoping for that as much as anyone else.



  1. Zilch does nicely.

  2. Zilch is just fine. I embrace Zilch. I live Zilch. Zilch is my middle name. Zilch is good. Embrace the Zilch. Be the Zilch. Feel the Zilch. 🙂

  3. Been there; done that; got the T-shirt. Shredded the damned thing in frustration. LOL See ya later!!!!

  4. Zilch is good…. we all go through zilch phases.

  5. Emptiness can be so …fulfilling!

  6. Ha, not mine! My post today had no words at all!

  7. I find myself trundling between wanting to post things that gnaw on my consciousness and shrugging and thinking, “why bother?”.

    Whether you eat at McDonalds or have a sumptuous gourmet dinner dinner with all the fixings… the next day, they all end up in the same place and you are hungry again.

  8. You’re a minimalist!

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