Posted by: chlost | April 23, 2010

I really feel old today

Today is my oldest child’s 30th birthday. I feel as though it was just yesterday that we started this journey called parenting.  But in many ways, it seems so long ago that we were dealing with diapers and feedings, and all of the exhaustion of a first baby.

My son weighed 10 lbs, 13 oz when he was born.  Yup, you read that right-and it is not a typo.  He looked like a linebacker in amongst all of the little 6 pounders in that nursery.  He had no neck, and wore 3 month-old clothes in the hospital.  He was a healthy boy.

He now is 6′ 4″, lean and good-looking, if I do say so.  He studied acting in college, and tried it as a profession for a few years.  He was getting  roles, but hated the financial insecurity of not knowing what his income would be from month to month, and not having health insurance.   He now works full-time for the state.

He is just one of the nice guys of the world. 

He spent his 30th birthday as  a juror for a criminal trial.  He seemed okay with that, but was glad to get done in mid-afternoon.  Tomorrow he is running in a 10K race, and is a bit concerned, as he suddenly is in a new, more competitive age bracket. A typical, competitive oldest child-that’s my boy!

Today I have thought a lot about the stories of his growing-up years.  We had some major scares, one of which included a 2 a.m. phone call from a chaplain of a hospital half a continent away.  Most of his life, however, has been a joy.  His birth was the event that changed our lives forever.  Had we not been expecting him, I doubt my husband and I would have married.  I had never planned to have children.  I just didn’t see myself as mom material.

Oh, how life changes things. 

But now, as the mom of this 30-year-old man, I realize that I truly am old.  Not over the hill, perhaps, but old, nonetheless.  I suppose I will get used to this as well.

Happy Birthday, Big J!!!!



  1. They do grow up fast! My oldest is 23 and it seems like just yesterday we were trying to drag him kicking and screaming out of the house for his first day of Kindergarten. Sounds like you got a great son!

  2. No matter the ages or eras of birth, people are people. What I mean by that is I resonate with much of what you’ve written here–from having the OVER 10 lb son (mine still well on his way to about 6′ 3″) to marriage hastened by pregnancy to untold appreciation at the joy of having created someone fabulous.

    Well done, Mom.

    • I love the “hastened” by pregnancy! Thanks!

  3. Nothing like your kids’ birthday to remind you that you’re aging!!! Your son sounds like a lovely young man!!!!!

  4. “You are only as old as you think you are” is a truism. 🙂

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