Posted by: chlost | July 4, 2010

Marching for the Fourth

Today, in celebration of the Fourth of July, I am planning to march in two small-town parades.  I am working on a campaign for a state senator’s reelection campaign.  In this state, that requires appearances in every parade within the district throughout the summer months.  I have missed a few due to family obligations.  Today, I have no excuse.

But I don’t want to go.

I hate these things.  It is REALLY hot today.  I don’t do hot well.  I don’t like big crowds.  The parades usually have big crowds.  I suppose that is why the candidates appear there.  I have to wear a campaign T-shirt.  I am not very fashion conscious, but these shirts are a pumpkin orange.  Let’s just put it this way-I don’t need to look any more pumpkin-like.

I know that it is not about me, and my complaints are very selfish.  I have nothing else planned for the day, so it is not like I am missing anything fun to do the parades.  But I could find other things to do.  I should be getting things done around the house, as we are hosting a big family gathering in a few weeks, and the to-do list is quite long and heavy on my shoulders right now.

I signed up to be a campaign manager for this candidate.  It hasn’t turned out that way.  The state party unit sent a young man to work on the campaign, paying him to work full-time.  He has taken over the campaign, and there has been nothing for me to do.  Except be in the parades, I guess.  Does it sound as though my feelings are hurt?  They are, a little.  But I can handle it.  It’s just that this part is the least favorite part of a campaign for me-well, except for the doorknocking.  That is worse, because we are in a district that is very conservative-it is often not pleasant to hear the opinions of those we meet in a doorknock.

I know that I am just rambling here, and I apologize. 

I am a sap for the patriotic stuff-I almost always choke up at the flag ceremonies.  I can barely make it through the national anthem without feeling tears tugging at my eyes.  I think that part of it is that on this one day, the reds and the blues of our society are able to come together and support one ideal.  America.  There may be no agreement as to what that means.  But we agree that we love America. 

It felt odd to be in Europe when it was just the fourth of July, rather than the Fourth.  I realized that being an American is just a part of my soul.

But I still hate being in parades. 

Happy Fourth of July everyone!



  1. I must admit I love the 4th of July as well. Unfortunately my neighbors shooting off illegal fireworks kind of ruins it for me.

  2. Happy 4th of July to you as well! Have a great weekend!

  3. Welcome to the political world..
    I think you have to know your district to run a campaign, two years ago they came into ours for a congressional candidate and wanted to only target knock..we ended up letting them do their thing and we continued to do ours our way.
    Our Candidate’s including city council got the most votes and won.
    Theirs didn’t..enough said.!

    I gave up marching parades a while back..then I drove for I don’t even want to go to them. 🙂

  4. Life sounds to have been a bit tough for you recently: a physically hard few days with the lovely grandchildren, the worry about getting ready for the Nuts weekend, the rejection over managing the political campaign not to mention wearing a bright orange t-shirt – never the most flattering garment, and watching your son go through an upsetting and difficult emotional upheaval. Strange how the things one has to deal with never come singly but always in a group so that your resources are stretched. I hope the parade is not so bad after all and ditch the t-shirt, wear a cool cotton blouse instead! And sit and read some of those books: I’m sure someone said that you get 80% of your work done in the first 20% of your time and the rest of your work takes the last 80% of time and effort because one is less efficient being tired etc. So, you need to sit and read so that you will work through your list more efficiently:)

    • I like the way you think!

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