Posted by: chlost | August 27, 2010

The weekend mode

Now that it is Friday afternoon, I am truly in the weekend mode.  I feel ready to relax and do nothing again. I am very good at that. It is one of my biggest strengths.

Around here. things really start to slow down on Friday afternoons. I have called several people, and get only voicemails, or an abandoned receptionist, who then transfers me to the voicemail. I would imagine that if there was a study of productivity, it would show that nothing is getting done. I suppose that maybe there is such a study. I don’t want to be productive enough to try to find it.

My week was half hostess and half worker. I have much to do to get the house back in shape from the hostess gig, and much to do for work to make up for being a hostess.  It doesn’t really seem fair that I end up making up for it on both ends of my life.

My computer is still giving me trouble. I am checking emails and such from another (even more ancient computer) that doesn’t have a printer. I am hoping that our daughter’s computer-whiz boyfriend will give me a consultation to try to figure out if I can do something to fix it. If that doesn’t work, I guess I will have to break down and “call the guy”.  Problem is, I don’t know a guy to call.

I am cynical.

I feel as though a repair tech could compromise computer again, and then I would really be out of luck. How do you find a good computer repair tech anyway?

If anyone knows about this problem, please let me know. My virus protection program picked up a virus and it says it was removed. But now I can’t access anything that requires a password. The computer clock was reset and is now about 7 hours off. I feel as though my entire harddrive has been hijacked. But what about my word processing?  Are all of my work documents infected?  AAAAGGGGGHHHH!

I am not a friend of technology right now.

But, it is Friday afternoon. I am going to try to forget it all. Everyone else is apparently gone for the weekend.

So am I, as of right now. 4:29 PM.



  1. You can try a system defragmentation or a system restore to a previous date to try to clear things up. That is where I would start first. 🙂

    • Ummmm-any way you could come to Minnesota this weekend to do this for me? I have NO idea how to do that. At least I have heard those words before, but beyond that, I am lost……..But thanks!

  2. Search for “Spybot search and destroy” download that and run it. It should clear up a lot of spyware which often slows down your computer.

    Also defragging:
    Open “my computer” on your desktop.
    RIGHT click on your “C:” drive then left click on “properties”
    Select the “Tools” tab.
    Click on the “defragment” button. Execute a defrag of your computer… good to do this when you go to bed, leaving your computer to defrag all night.

    You should see some improvement.

    • I KNEW it would involve the magic “right click” button. It is like a secret code that only people who know what the secret can use it.

      Thank you for your help!

  3. system restore:

    1. go to start menu
    2. select programs
    3. select accessories
    4. select system restore and follow instructions.

    Hope it helps.

    • I appreciate all of the suggestions. I will be trying to work on it this weekend. Hopefully, I will be back in business on Monday.

      Thanks Kay!

    • As an “XP Certified” technician – Actually “System Restore” can actually inadvertently replace malware that was residing in the previous configuration. That is why often viruses implant themselves in the system restore directory – your virus program kills the virus, then system restore then restores it back.

      Once your system is cleaned of malware, turn OFF system restore, then turn it back on to remove any malware hiding in the restore directory.

      • I feel horrible taking advantage of your knowledge and willingness to impart it to me.

        That being said, here is my situation now.

        I defragged, I installed the spybot and ran it. It took out a lot of stuff. I never did the restore because I am not sure when I would set the date, anyway. But it still won’t let me access any sites with passwords, such as email or bank sites, the message comes up that the security certificate is bad….I assume it is because the site is bogus.
        Any ideas? If you would like, I will send you a gift for your assistance-no one should give it out for free!!!

  4. A couple swift blows across the PC by a baseball bat has also been known to help! 🙂

  5. Glad you have all these helpful suggestions because I was going ot suggest a glass of wine.

    • That sounds like the best suggestion of all! Thanks!

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